Cyril Knight

Cyril Knight is my pacifist, absurdist superhero. 

I had a vision of merging silver age superhero heroics with underground comics of the same period. 

Several publishers expressed interest in the early 1980’s.  But this would turn out to be yet another one of my many comic book projects that had a promising start, and never went anywhere.  

  In 1984, I started working with two different artists, but both left before finishing their respective stories.  Over the course of the passing decades, I would pull the project out, work on the art myself, then put it aside, distracted by more promising projects or other artistic obsessions, and frustrated by my own shortcomings as an illustrator.  I couldn’t get it to look like professional comic book art myself, and I couldn’t find a professional willing to work on spec.

I could never get the project completely out of my head.  After more than 37 years, I finally pulled the fragments together and put them in presentable form.  Part 2 of the Highland County Gold, the second story, breaks from the comic book medium, and finishes as illustrated prose.  Maybe sometime I’ll finish it in comic book form.       

Cyril Knight holds to the notion that violence is never justified, and any problem can be solved without resort to force of arms.  Of course, it is a fantasy– a pure fantasy.  But it is a beautiful one.


Cyril Knight gropes his way through the muddled illumination of this world, where the dominant species of light lacks definition unless a measure of darkness follows wherever it shines, confusing waves and particles, twisting and turning with shadowy gradation and degradation, into a hopelessly complicated maze of values.

The first Cyril Knight story features art by Francis Mao with finishes by me on the final pages. 

The second Cyril Knight story, Highland County Gold features art by Mike Hoffman and myself on Part 1.  The illustrations for Part 2 are mine. 

You can access the Cyril Knight stories here:

Cyril first story

Cyril- Highland Gold Comic- part 1-MIN

Cyril- Highland Gold- Part 2-MIN



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