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You can read Cyril Knight stories with this link:  CYRIL KNIGHT

Published Comics:

House of Mystery #269 (DC Comics,1979) (with Catherine Barrett Andrews): Heart of Gold; Blood on the Grooves

House of Mystery #271 (DC Comics,1979) (with Catherine Barrett Andrews): Envy

Secrets of the Haunted House #12 (DC Comics,1978) (with Catherine Barrett Andrews): Life Sentence

HERE IS A LINK TO LIFE SENTENCE.  Editor Paul Levitz had changed the original ending to this story.  The original version turned on the notion that cloning would result in advanced aging because age occurs on a cellular level, and the resulting clones would be biologically as old as the cells from which they were grown.  This was theoretical at the time the story was published, but since has been suggested by actual experience with clones.

Secrets of the Haunted House #38 (DC Comics,1981) (with Catherine Barrett Andrews): The Dark God Rises Again.

Doorway to Nightmare #4 DC Comics, (with Catherine Barrett Andrews)  Madam Xanadu story: Six Claws of the Dragon

Tales of the Unexpected #194 DC Comics,(with Catherine Barrett Andrews): Madam Xanadu Story:  Moonlight and Laughter

Marvel Superheroes #12 (1990 Series) Dr. Strange Story. 

The Samovar (photo-comic) (with Catherine Barrett Andrews and Steven Bradbury) (Gorilla Monthly, 1979)

Samovar p1

Delta-Wave (Victory Comics, 1987) back up story in Shuriken #1

Delta-Wave Page 1

Delta-Wave #1 (Miller Publishing Company, 1992)


Daemon Mask (Amazing Comics, 1987)

You can read all three issue of Daemon Mask, including two previously unpublished issues,

here:  Daemon Mask

Daemon Mask page 1

The Wandering Stars (Fantagraphics Books, 1987) (later novelized as Warp Angel)

Anything Goes #6 (Fantagraphics Books, 1987):  Eternity’s Weight.  You can read Eternity’s Weight HERE

Xyr (Eclipse Graphic Novel, 1988)

Cannibals (Raging Rhino)  Book I, the Trivial War (1991)

Cannibals (Raging Rhino)  Book II, the Feast (1992)

cannibals comic cover 2


Cannibals Book III (not published)  The Fire




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